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A Stunning RTF Indoor RC Plane

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Ready To Fly Right Now! Incredible 3 gram flying weight enables this airplane to be piloted in your livingroom. Do figure-8's over your coffee table! Is this the ultimate relaxation machine that everyone is talking about? Ready To Fly - Carbon Butterfly packed in aluminum briefcase. The state of the art design and components make a ready to fly model that has no peers. We make no apologies about the price - you get what you are paying for with this great model.

You might have to see it to believe it - so check out these videos to see the state of the art in Micro R/C technology from Plantraco!
Was $299.99

We took our world famous Butterfly Livingroom Flyer and put the design through some creative design metamorphosis and the Carbon Butterfly emerged - ready to fly in the smallest rooms of you home! The Carbon Butterfly is the champion of slowfly rc planes and a model that all rc enthusiasts ought to own.

You might have to see it to believe it - so check our videos to see the state of the art in Micro R/C technology from Plantraco! Sporting a rugged yet elegant Carbon Fiber frame, the Carbon Butterfly is nearly indestructible. This RTF miniature rc airplane features an innovative and beautiful airframe design from sculptor Robert Guillot, and it really is a piece of functional art. As flexible as fiberglass and strong as steel, the Carbon Butterfly can bounce back from almost anything you can throw it at. Full Proportional radio control enables you to fly with precision in any room 12' X 16'. Just add 4-AA batteries to the combination transmitter/charger and you'll be ready for action anytime. An amazing RTF mini rc plane you'll treasure.

Take the Butterfly with you ANYWHERE in it's own protective aluminum briefcase (included!) You can safely take your Carbon Butterfly with you to work, school, holidays, anywhere.

Order today and learn the fun of building and flying the smallest Micro R/C models.

Here's what you'll get when you Order:

Plantraco's 3g Carbon Butterfly
• Carbon Butterfly Frame w/Installed:
• 0.38g Butterfly Receiver
• GB05 4mm 5:1 Gearbox
• 3222 Carbon Fiber Propeller!
• 0.22g HingeAct Actuator
• Audible Tones and LED indicators
• Built-In Low Voltage Cutoff

HFX900 Transmitter
• 4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
• 6 User Selectable frequencies
• Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger
• Connects to FMS Flight Simulator!
• 900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU
• FCC and CE Approved!
• Requires 4 "AA" cells

• 30mAh 0.9g LiPoly Bahoma Battery
• Instructional Videos, and manual

The whole works, packed in a custom fitted aluminum carrying case!

Order Now!

PLEASE NOTE: The Carbon Butterfly no longer includes the FMS CD or Serial Cable.

State Of The Art Components.
Take a look at the Butterfly and you'll see what you are paying for. The Beautifully constructed airframe is a real work of art in of itself. Study it's construction and you'll be in awe. Add to it a Carbon Fiber Propeller, Swiss engineered gearbox, and tiny 4mm coreless motor - wow, I guess that's why this is the most expensive paper airplane you have ever seen eh? It's top quality produce!
Lightest R/C Receiver
The World's Lightest manufactured RC airplane needed the world's lightest R/C receiver, and that's what you get with the ready to fly Butterfly. As lightweight as it is, it still comes packed with good features, like Plantraco's Bahoma magnetic battery holder system - you can connect your cell to the airplane in about 1 second. flashing LED light and audible tones let you know the status of the receiver in operation - it's a purely digital reliable radio link in this no compromises airplane.
Innovative Actuator for control surfaces
The HingeAct magnetic actuator weighs only 0.22 grams, but is powerful enough to control the Butterfly with authority. The simple design is the key to it's success. It is a self centering actuator, and gives you an amazing 64 steps of full proportional resolution. Why? Because we can!

Ready To Fly set with everything you need - just add 4AA batteries for the transmitter.

Aiframe has all components installed - the model is trimmed and ready to fly out of the box - every Carbon Butterfly has a check-out flight before shipping - so you can be sure it's going to fly nicely when you receive it.

Superior handling characteristics - reliable stable handling.

HFX900 Transmitter, LP20 Battery, all packed in a metal carrying case. Nothing More to Buy.

Good for flying in any room 12' X 16' will fly with only 30% throttle. Good thrust to weight ratio (about 0.9). landing gear allows ROG and landings on a coffee table, very little "runway" is needed for takeoff.

Can do loops if desired, but it's more of a relaxing cruiser in the livingroom that's leaves everyone awestruck.

Product Specifications
Wingspan 7.5 inches (190mm)

Zoom In

If you want a true livingroom flyer - something that you can fly over the coffee table - something that is the best that you can get - get the Carbon Butterfly.

It's nice and quiet, flies very slowly and with great precision, and it weighs less than a sheet of paper!

Plantraco's original Butterfly is the closest in performance - otherwise this plane really has no peers. It's something special - a showpiece of engineering and art. In fact the airframe was designed by Robert Guillot, a gifted sculptor and general practitioner of art. The Carbon Butterfly is not really for flying outdoors - it's meant to fly super slowly indoors. Slow flight speed is very desirable when we are flying in a small room and this is accomplished on this model by the ultra low weight design and elite components.

The Carbon Butterfly

Here's the Carbon Butterfly in its Impeccably Styled Carrying Case.

Remote Control Toy Airplanes

The Carbon Butterfly Briefcase - be ready for action, anytime!

Lightest RC Airplane

The Carbon Butterfly RTF Set

Small and light RC Plane

At 3.6 grams, the Carbon Butterfly is Lighter than a Sheet of Paper

Carbon Butterfly RTF Set

The Carbon Butterfly RTF Set In All Its Splendor!

RC Carbon Fiber Propeller

The Carbon Butterfly has a a durable Carbon Fibre Propeller!

Butterfly Actuator

The Carbon Butterfly Features an Innovative and Awe-Inspiring Actuator!


Check out the Smallest RC Receiver in the Business!

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