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All Carbon Butterfly Replacement Parts

Carbon Buttefly - Complete Set

Carbon Butterfly Livingroom Flyer RTF Set

Incredible 3 gram flying weight and 7 inch Wingspan enables this airplane to be piloted in your livingroom. A great indoor rc aircraft - do figure-8's over your coffee table! Super Slow and Precise flying - check the video - seeing is believing. A quality RC Model Aircraft that has no peers.  More info »

Was $299.99
Carbon Butterfly - Only 3.6 Grams

Carbon Butterfly - (RTF Aircraft Only)

Carbon Butterfly Airplane Only. Requires Transmitter, and LP30 Bahoma cell. This is shipped in it's custom briefcase to ensure it arrives to you safely.  More info »

Carbon Butterfly Carrying Case

Aluminum Briefcase/carrying case for Carbon Butterfly

Aluminum Briefcase/carrying case for Carbon Butterfly  More info »

0.38g 2 Channel Receiver for Micro R/C

Micro9 2 Channel Butterfly Receiver

This is presently our lightest receiver, with the added bonus of the Bahoma battery system - weighing in at approx 0.38g. No MicroConnectors, 5mm Bahoma magnets. Output for 1 actuators and 1 motor output. Pure Digital Radio Link, Built-In low voltage protection. Buy the 0.9 gram version unless you really need the lightest receiver and are capable of soldering fine wires to tiny PCB pads. Don't sneeze, it is small!  More info »

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HingeAct Magnetic Actuator 0.22g

HingeAct Magnetic Actuator - 0.23 g

One of the Lightest commercially available magnetic actuator for Micro R/C Flying. Weight is 0.23 grams.  More info »

GB05 5:1 4mm Gearbox

GB05 Gearbox with motor w/prop adapter

GB05 - 5:1 Gearbox Reduction. 0.2 mod gears. 4mm 13 Ohm motor.  More info »

4040 Carbon Fiber Propeller

Prop - 3222 Carbon Fiber w/adapter

Carbon Fiber Propeller 3222 with prop adapter to fit GB05  More info »

Propeller Adapter for the GB05

Prop Adapter for GB05

 More info »


Mylar - clear .00025 30cm x 78cm

Mylar - clear .00025 30cm x 78cm. This Mylar is thicker then the mylar used on the Carbon Butterfly. But it's a little easiler to work with. It's rolled onto kraft paper for safe storage and shipping. Used for making repairs to Carbon Butterfly airframe - lightweight covering material.  More info »

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LP30 Bahoma Lithium Polymer Cell 30mAh

LP30-FR Bahoma Cell with 5mm Bahoma

LP30-FR Bahoma Cell - lithium polymer - Replacement cell for the Butterfly Receiver. Weight is 1.16 grams. 30 mAh cell can put out up to 600mA. Should be charged on Plantraco Butterfly transmitter/charger combo or BiCha Charger.  More info »

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Zap-A-Gap 1/4oz. Mediam CA Glue

Zap-A-Gap CA Glue 1/4oz. - Medium

High quality Cyanoacrylate Glue - Gap Filling  More info »

 Currently out of stock

Microbrush - Superfine (White) 10 pack

We use these as "CA Dippers" - great for applying CA glue's - So good are they that we say you just gotta try them. Superfine Size, White  More info »


Carbon Butterfly - Replacement Hstab Only

Replacement Hsab - pre-covered and ready to go - just glue it to the bottom of the fuse stick on the Carbon Butterfly for an easy repair or replacement.  More info »


Microbrush - Fine (Yellow) 10 pack

We use these as "CA Dippers" - great for applying CA glue's - So good are they that we say you just gotta try them. Fine Size, Yellow  More info »


Microbrush - Regular (Green) 10 pack

We use these as "CA Dippers" - great for applying CA glue's - So good are they that we say you just gotta try them. Regular Size, Green  More info »


Carbon Butterfly Replacement Landing Gear Only

Replacement Landing Gear - Just pull the diagonal rods out from the joining blog on the fusalage and replace with these.  More info »