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Radio Control Model Airplane Kits

Microracer Yellow Jacket Pylon Racer Kit

MicroRacers Kit - Yellow Jacket

This little plane has a 10-inch Wingspan and a Flying Weight of about 12 grams. It's a fast flier - probably too fast if you are a beginner, but what's life without a little danger!  More info »

Microracer #16 Shoestring Pylon Racer Kit

MicroRacers Kit - Shoestring #16

This plane flies so good it will Blow your Mind! Perfectly for outdoors, it flies in winds up to 15 MPH. Full Proportional scale Radio Control of Rudder, Elevator and Throttle - which means you can fly with precision in a gym and in your backyard! This really is a durable plane and if you're flying outside over grass, it should have no problems handling whatever you can dish out! Go ahead and try it - we dare you.  More info »

Micro Racer P-51 Miss America Kit

MicroRacers Kit - P-51 Miss America

For those looking for a speedy plane with full proportional radio control of the rudder, elevator and throttle - look no more! You can fly plane in an area the size of a tennis court. And it flies in winds up to 15 MPH - our MicroRacers love the wind! One of the great aerobatic rc planes - with its fully proportional remote control it flies like it's On Rails! Flying one of these is truly electric! Order today and learn the fun of building and flying the smallest Micro R/C models.  More info »