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The Best in Small Micro RC Planes

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Just because this model is tiny doesn't mean that it's super difficult to fly.

These fly great on Throttle and Rudder. Ready to Fly! Another great design from the drawing boards of Joe Malinchak and Robert Guillot. Check out these videos

Complete Set!
Was $149.99

There is nothing like the tiny Micro Butterfly. It's the World's Smallest and Lightest R/C Model Aircraft as of 2007

When you see it fly in the air it's going to give you a great big smile. As small as it is, it's fairly easy to fly. Surprisingly, this model can actually do better than some of our other models in the wind - it's a good penetrator. It weighs nothing, and this means its very very durable, portable too! It fits in it's own tiny carrying case and can be carried anywhere.

This model pushes the state of the art ahead of all other competitors - Another First and Only from Plantraco - Leaders in Micro R/C technology.

Here's what you'll get when you Order:

One Micro Butterfly R/C Aircraft:
• Airplane with all components installed, trimmed and tested
• 3.5 -inch wingspan airframe
• 0.38g Micro9 2CH Receiver (throttle and rudder)
• 4mm coreless motor
• Matching 32mm DD Prop
• 0.07g NanoAct Actuator
• Strong paperboard box for portability and storage

HFX900 Transmitter
• 4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
• 6 User Selectable frequencies
• Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger
• Connects to FMS Flight Simulator!
• 900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU
• FCC and CE Approved!
• Requires 4 "AA" cells

• 25mAh LP25 Bahoma cell

If you already have an HFX900 transmitter, just buy this RTF plane and a battery and you're good to go)

Order Now!

4mm Motor with 32mm Direct Drive Propeller

By Gosh that is a small propulsion unit. Just a few years ago it was thought that motors like this would never have enough power to fly an R/C Model. Direct Drive Propulsion is very quiet and efficient.
Lightest R/C Receiver

The world's lightest R/C receiver is one of the reasons these models fly so well. Fully proportional, but without adding dead weight to the airframe. 0.38 grams! (That's 0.013 oz ! ) As lightweight as it is, it still comes packed with good features, like Plantraco's Bahoma magnetic battery holder system, Low Volt Protection, and more.
NanoAct Magnetic Actuator

The NanoAct actuator adds only 0.065 grams to the Micro Butterfly! It's a 75 Ohm coil with Neodymium magnetic armature that moves the rudder at your command. It is a self centering actuator, and gives you an amazing 64 steps of full proportional resolution per side.

Product Specifications
Wingspan 3.5 inches (114mm)

Zoom In

If you fly the Micro Butterfly around other people, prepare yourself, because you are going to see a lot of gaping mouths and eyes popping out of their sockets. And that's just when you hold it in your hand! In the air, everyone is going to be amazed at how well you are controlling it - they won't believe their eyes at first

That's the effect this model has on people - everyone loves it because it's such a cute little thing, but it's more than a cute demonstration of Micro Flying - it's actually quite a good performer

The low weight makes this model very durable in crashes. About the only thing you can break on this one is the propeller, and these are easily replaced. It's nowhere near as easy to fly as the original Butterfly or Carbon Butterfly or even the new Classroom Fighters or MicroMAV - The Micro Butterfly is a bit tougher to fly than all of these, but it shouldn't take you very long to get used to it. Half the battle is in observing the model in the air - you need to focus on it and don't overcontrol it. Let the model do it's thing for a while and then gradually give it more stick as you build your confidence.

Highly recommended to all R/C'ers, add it to your collection of models, it's so small you can always bring it with you.

Tiny RC Plane

Meet the World's Smallest RC Plane.

MicroButterfly RC Kit

The Micro Butterfly RTF Kit!

Word's Smallest RC Airplane

With a 3.5 Inch Wingspan, the Micro Butterfly is Tiny!

World's Smallest RC Plane

The Micro Butterfly is a pure joy to fly!

Ultra Portable RC Receiver

Featuring the Smallest RC Receiver Out There!

Butterfly Product Box

This is the Butterfly Product Box.

RC Electric Propeller

The Butterfly Features a Tiny, yet Powerful Propeller.

RC Mini Actuator

The Micro Butterfly RC Plane Actuator.

The Micro Butterfly RC Kit

The Micro Butterfly Kit!

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LP20-FR Bahoma Cell with 5mm Bahoma

The LP20 has been depreciated - It has been replaced by the LP25

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 Replaced by the LP25
32mm Direct Drive Propeller for Micro Butterfly and Spitfire

Prop - 32mm for Micro Spitfire, 109 and Butterfly

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