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FMS Flight Simulator


FMS - The Best RC Simulator

FMS (Flying Model Simulator) is an excellent Flight Simulator Created by Roman & Michael Möller. We have modeled several of our real model r/c airplanes in this simulator for you to train on before flying the real thing.

Does this mean that these radio controlled planes are hard to fly? Absolutely not! They are very easy to fly. But if you are very new to flying micro rc planes - you might be a little timid, so a little confidence boost may be just what you need to get you out flying a model plane in the front yard!

And the best part about the FMS Flight Simulator, (besides that its free) is that our HFX900 Transmitter can be used as the flight sim controller. That's Right! Every one of our transmitters will connect to the computer via the FMS cord included with many of our Ready to Fly sets or available seperatly here.

That means that you can plug any of our transmitters into your computer (with the FMS cord) and use them to practice flying in the simulator! Once you’ve developed your flying skills by using the simulator, unplug your transmitter from the computer and use it to fly your rc planes in real life!

That makes it a great value, because the same transmitter you use to fly with in the simulator can also be used to fly any of our fantastic airplanes.

FMS Flight Simulator is Distributed as freeware. For more information regarding FMS, please visit their official site.

Download FMS Flight Simulator Installer (It's Free!)

Download Plantraco Model Installer (MSI Installer)

Download Plantraco Model Archive (.zip Archive)

New! Plantraco Komet Model (.zip Archive)


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