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Awesome Ready to Fly Electric RC Planes

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Stage your own WWII style dogfights indoors in any room about the size of a typical classroom, half a tennis court, or within the infield of a baseball diamond. Stable flyers that are also incredibly durable and look great in the air or on your Mantle - Collect (and fly) Them All!

These 10" wingspan WWII Fighters look good and fly good. Ultra Portable, Durable, Scale Flying Fun! Check out these videos

Complete Set
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This 1/48 Semi-Scale profile model can be piloted indoors in any room 20' X 20' Impossibly slow flying speed and ultra low weight make for safe, fun indoor flying, and a very durable model aircraft. No need for one of those big electric rft planes, when you can fly this awesome little plane in your back yard! A great rc starter kit.

Easy to fly, great for beginners. Classroom Fighters look great in the air and draw a crowd wherever they are flown. Fly in formation with friends or have aerial combat in the gym or outside on calm days. Be the first kid on your block to fly one!

Discover the wonder of precision high quality radio controlled flight at the smallest scales.

This model comes in it's own carrying case (measuring 9x9x2.5in ). It's trimmed at the factory, so all you need is an HFX900 Transmitter, and an LP25 Bahoma cell and you are ready to go flying just about anywhere.

It weighs so little that you don't have to worry much about crashing into things - it weighs less than a sheet of paper at 4 grams - about 1/8 of an ounce!

You can control this receiver from the HFX900 transmitter, or you may wish to consider our HFX900 Monolith Transmitter Buddy Box Module, which can convert your old HiTec or Futaba transmitters to 900Mhz operation. Check out the Monolith here. It plugs right into your old Transmitter and is ready to go in a minute!

Here's what you'll get when you Order:

One Classroom Fighter R/C Aircraft:
• Airplane with all components installed, trimmed and tested
• 10-inch wingspan airframe
• 0.38g Micro9 2CH Receiver (throttle and rudder)
• GB05 Gearbox
• Carbon Fiber Prop
• 0.22g HingeAct Actuator
• Strong paperboard box for portability and storage

HFX900 Transmitter
• 4 CH transmitter - Full Proportional
• 6 User Selectable frequencies
• Built-In lipoly Bahoma charger
• Connects to FMS Flight Simulator!
• 900Mhz ISM band USA, 868Mhz EU
• FCC and CE Approved!
• Requires 4 "AA" cells

• 25mAh LP25 Bahoma cell

If you already have an HFX900 transmitter, just buy this RTF plane and a battery and you're good to go)

Order Now!

GB05 4mm Gearbox with 3222 Carbon Fiber Prop

Carbon Fiber Propeller, Swiss engineered gearbox, and tiny 4mm coreless motor. The GBO5 gearbox gives these fighters a good thrust - weight ratio.
Lightest R/C Receiver

The world's lightest R/C receiver is one of the reasons these models fly so well. Fully proportional, but without adding dead weight to the airframe. 0.38 grams! (That's 0.013 oz ! ) As lightweight as it is, it still comes packed with good features, like Plantraco's Bahoma magnetic battery holder system - connect your cell to the airplane in about 1 second flat. Low Volt Protection and more.
Innovative Actuator for control surfaces

The HingeAct magnetic actuator weighs only 0.22 grams, but is powerful enough to kick the tail of these fighters around all day. The simple design is the key to it's success. It is a self centering actuator, and gives you an amazing 64 steps of full proportional resolution per side.

1/48 Semi-Scale Profile R/C Flying Model

Product Specifications
Wingspan 9.5 inches

Zoom In

If you really like a scale look in your R/C flying models, get the Classroom Fighters RTF's

They are little jewels to behold, but it's not just the looks that you get with these models - they are designed to be flown! In the air, the angle of attack can be quite "scale" if desired, or you can make a few trim adjustments and make it fly ultra slow.

Do NOT confuse these with our MicroRacers Kits. The MicroRacers are of comparable wingspan, but the flying weight of the Classroom Fighters RTF is 1/3 of the MicroRacers - this extreme weight reduction means lower wing loading and much slower flying speeds can be achieved - desirable when you want to fly in tight spaces that the faster sportier MicroRacers just can't do.

These are very durable models - about the only damage we see on these is if you piledrive it into a wall at full speed - in which case we might get a bent nose, but other than that, it's pretty hard to damage these!

Classroom Fighters are good indoors, but they can also fly nicely outdoors if the air is calm.

Trim adjustments can be made in a jiffy by bending the foam here and there to accomodate the current flying conditions - for example, if you want to fly extremely slowly in a small area, you can bend in some up elevator and away you go.

They come packaged in a small box, which is very practical for storage and transport.

Great looking models that any R/C Hobbyist is going to appreciate! RTF - so you get that instant gratification that is impossible to resist once you have seen one fly. Check the videos!

RC Mini Fighter Plane

This RC Plane is all business - truly a blast to fly!


This plane features our innovative and lightweight actuator.


A lightweight receiver.

Carbon Fiber Propeller

The Classroom Fighter comes equipped with a durable Carbon Fiber propeller!

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