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The Worlds Smallest R/C Blimp - Nanoblimp!

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The Worlds Smallest R/C Blimp - Nanoblimp!

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Watch this video of the Nanoblimp maneuvering around some cactuses. I mean Cacti. Heroic Blimp Flying Fun!

Tape on some thumbtacks to the balloon and have some blimp busting dogfighting fun in the living room. Who is the best pilot? Prove it!

Dogfighting Nanblimps! Who will rule the skies above the Chesterfield?

The Nanoblimp Gondola weighs nothing and is carried by a standard latex party balloon filled with helium gas! 3 Motors with propellers are radio controlled and enable you to fly indoors with precision! It's a whole new experience to fly like this, and the Nanoblimp allows you to do it at the smallest scale. The Gondola and Balloons colors may vary and ship at random.

The Nano-X controller is fully proportional and has 4 User Selectable Frequencies so you and your friends can all fly in the same room. 3 Mix Modes, 3 Mapping Settings, Exponential and Beginner modes available for pro control of this Supertoy from Plantraco! The charger is built right in to the remote, so when you're done flying just plug the receiver into the transmitter charge cord.

All you need to fly is an inexpensive helium tank and batteries available from WalMart or Costco stores. The Nanoblimp gondola is attached to the balloon with double sided foam tape. Some extra weight is added for "Ballast" so that neutral buoyancy is achieved - The airship neither rises nor falls, it simply hovers on its own in mid air. The Nanoblimp arrives ready to go - complete with 3-Channel Proportional Gondola, Two-Stick proportional Transmitter/charger, 10 Latex Balloons, magnetic Ballast weights, stickers, and Instructions. Simply Fill with Helium and add 4 - AA batteries (sold separately), and you are ready to fly in your own Living Room!

When you burst a balloon, just fill up another one with a home use Helium Tank from WalMart or Costco. You will end up using a lot of latex balloons with your Nanoblimp - especially if you buy 2 of them and have aerial dogfights! It's a super fun game to play in the living room, so definitely consider buying 2 Nanoblimps for Dogfights! You can also get quick "fill" of helium gas from a local flower shop, party store, or anywhere helium balloons are sold.

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